From Desk Job to Director: How Pueblo Came to Be

Earlier this year, I, like many twentysomethings of the Great Recession, moved in with my parents. Living at home was surprisingly fun and educational, as it gave me the opportunity to eat free food and have important realizations about grown-up life (e.g. if you work a dead end job in a dysfunctional organization with questionable ethics, you should consider leaving before the loud carpet and florescent lighting stifle your creativity and kill your soul.*)

After a few months of basement-living, paycheck-earning, and soul-searching, I was offered a teaching position in Andalucí­a through the Spanish government. My friend Ben got the same job, and we were lucky enough to be placed in the same town. Ben and I spent the rest of the summer saving up for Europe, and during our last month in the U.S. we met up with a couple friends to road trip out west. It was then–squished in the backseat next to an upright bass and our new friend Erika Martínez–that Ben and I had the first brainstorming session for what would eventually become Pueblo.

The rest, as they say, is history. In mid-September the two of us met up in Madrid and started sketching out a rough plot outline. The following week we were in Basque Country collecting footage for our teaser. And in the past couple months we’ve filmed a bunch of scenes for episodes one and two.

In case you are curious, I’ll acknowledge upfront that we have zero budget for this project and zero training as filmmakers/web series producers. Some might see this as a limitation, but I’ve decided to consider it a plus, as it gives us the freedom to take risks, be wacky, and (hopefully) create something original.

I hope you like the show (and that we actually succeed in, umm, making it), and in the meantime thanks for following the blog to check out pictures and videos and read about our progress.

*Hypothetically speaking.

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