On Casting, Mockumenting, and Holiday Thanking

A few days ago Ben and I were invited to a fellow teacher’s home for churros and hot chocolate (a wintery Spanish tradition). This teacher is the mother of a darling little girl named Luna who we’d been hoping to involve in Pueblo at some point. When we left our apartment that afternoon we debated on whether to bring video gear–on the one hand we hadn’t arranged to film nor had we sketched out a specific scene, but on the other hand we figured we should be prepared in case an opportunity came up.

Ben and Luna filming an impromptu flamenco scene.

Once we arrived, camera in tow, we were greeted by an adorable little Luna running around in toddler high heels and a red flamenco dress. Ben and I turned to each other and immediately agreed: this was too cute to not be documented.

After eating and chatting for a bit with Luna and her mom, they graciously allowed us to film an impromptu scene in their living room, complete with a flamenco dance performance and an oh-so-Spanish bullfight game. It was a fun afternoon and we got some entertaining footage.

This is just one of many examples of the cooperation and support we’ve been lucky enough to receive as we’ve been producing this series. We’ve learned a lot in the past few months and are incredibly grateful to our local friends for their willingness to entertain the requests of two kooky Americans parading around with a mannequin head and video camera.

Our landlord (playing landlord) and our favorite bartender (playing Ben's favorite bartender).

Most of the world has never heard of La Puerta de Segura, so one of our goals in making this show was to document the culture of a region rarely visited by outsiders. We’ve taken a mockumentary approach to filming and almost all characters are being played by the individuals they are inspired by.

In order to preserve the andaluz colloquialisms characteristic of this region, we generally just provide actors with an overview of each scene and encourage them to improvise their dialogue. As a result, conversations end up being more authentic and humorous than anything we could script (though ironically, despite being “writers” of the show, we occasionally don’t understand what our own characters are saying…hopefully our linguistic abilities will improve by editing time!).

Ben with mechanic (playing Erika's father) whose Spanish jokes we hope to someday understand.

This week, as we hit the end of first semester, we are excited to announce that we’ve finished filming almost half of the scenes we have planned. A happy holidays shoutout to all of you near and far, and a sincere thanks to everyone who has supported us these last couple months. Stay tuned for Pueblo’s release in 2011!

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5 Responses to On Casting, Mockumenting, and Holiday Thanking

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  2. avatar Phillip Raznick says:

    We were wondering if Erika ever changes her expression. She often seems pensive. Also, does Erika require a certain kind of diet? Many movie stars demand a particular food that enhances their skin tone.

    • avatar Maggie says:

      I think she’s had plastic surgery. A lot of plastic surgery. Therefore her skin will last a looong time.

  3. avatar Jess Hoolko says:

    Hola guys!!

    Is that the bartender at El Trujal?!!? Do they still give out pipas mixed with gummy candy as their tapa? I kinda miss some of the La Puerta weirdness!

    Glad to see you guys are still enjoying everything! This blog and your photos have been great for my nostalgia!

    Besos desde California!


    • avatar admin says:

      Hi Jess! Yes, that is indeed Juan Andrés from the Trujal. And yes, still the same tapas! Ben loves the gummies. Thanks so much for your comment. I think you will get a kick out of our show, seeing as you’ll probably relate to it better than anyone else in the world. Besos from Eve, Ben y Erika!

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