The Making of Celebrity Scoop

It was a sunny and gorgeous day when we first explored the city of San Sebastián. As we walked down the main strip, a camera crew was preparing for some sort of interview. I took the plunge and went up to them and asked, “Are you guys doing interviews? Because we have someone very important that you will definitely want to interview.” Out of my backpack appeared Erika.

Either the reporters liked Erika, or just enjoyed our enthusiasm, but regardless, they generously gave us footage of an interview. Afterwards they told us they worked for the most famous newspaper of Spain: El Mundo. And in fact, Erika and I appear in a few frames at the beginning of their news video! With that, the idea for Celebrity Scoop was born.

Rumor had it that Julia Roberts would arrive the next day for her award. We were interested, but not enough to actually fight crowds to see her. Nor did we even know when or where she would be. But with our surprisingly good sense of timing, we happened to walk by a crowd at the beach anxiously awaiting Julia Roberts’ arrival. We joined the rest of her fans and paparazzi, waited a half hour, and sure enough she appeared. Never did I imagine that in Spain of all places I would find myself four feet from Julia Roberts!

Later that night when we were returning from a movie, we ran into massive crowds surrounding a blocked off red carpet. Who arrived ten minutes later? Julia Roberts and Javier Bardem! Twice in one day? This was a classic case of us being in the right place at the right time.

We knew we somehow had to take advantage of the excitement and large crowd. This was something that needed to be documented… Luckily, a loud group of teenage girls stood to my right… a perfect target. They were thrilled to do an interview with Erika!

The next day we put Erika back in my suitcase. She had gotten enough action for a while. It was time for a break. (I’m not going to lie, sometimes walking around with a mannequin head is quite exhausting.) On the other hand, Erika was a hit wherever we went! The positive reactions we got were overwhelming. So without a doubt, Erika would have to play an important role in our upcoming web series. For this very reason I took initiative to lock her up in our hostel room’s safe, leading to awkward moments with our roommates. No big deal…

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