Progress Update and the Post-Production Puzzle

My deluxe editing suite aka the town library.

This project has evolved a lot since we first conceived of it and has almost taken on a life of it own. Mostly in a good way but occasionally in a man-eating-web-series-monster kind of way (our plan for five episodes grew into six which grew into seven which is where Erika drew the line).

The exciting news is that February’s been a great month for filming and we’re on track to wrap up shooting in the very near future. And this week I finally started editing! This is the part where I sit face to face (face to screen?) with my laptop and attempt to assemble a gabillion gigabytes of footage into coherent bite-size episodes. This is also the part where I discover that editing an improvised documentaryish web series requires a lot of creativity and voodoo magic. The process is both exhilarating and scary and has given me a newfound respect for professional editors.

We still have a ways to go with filming, editing, subtitling, etc., but little by little it’s coming together. Episode 1 will premiere the first week of May and subsequent episodes should come out weekly after that. Until then, my laptop and I will be spending many afternoons in the local library, piecing together the jigsaw puzzle that will hopefully soon be Pueblo.

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