Celebrity Scoop is a Featured Trailer on Festival Homepage

Celebrity Scoop

Check it out, our Celebrity Scoop video is currently being featured on the homepage of the International Movie Trailer Festival. We also have an article featured on their blog which I pasted below:

A Comedy Web Series Set in Small-town Spain

Tucked in a faraway corner of northern Andalucía lies a small Spanish town called La Puerta de Segura. It’s a farming village in a valley surrounded by olive trees, and for the past eight months I’ve been living here with my friend Ben Raznick. We are the only two Americans in this town of about 2,500 people, and we’re here on a government grant teaching English in the local schools.

Though we’re officially in Spain working as assistant teachers, in our free time we’ve also become self-taught filmmakers, having spent the past year producing a web series set here in our town. The series, called Pueblo, mixes elements of fiction and reality to tell the story of a quirky English teacher (Ben) adapting to life in small-town Spain. We’ve filmed the show as a mockumentary which follows the day-to-day life of Ben as he makes friends, falls in love, and ultimately becomes integrated into the town.

Although we first conceived of the idea for Pueblo last summer before we’d even landed on Spanish soil, much of the plot could not be developed until we actually moved here and got to know the community. Each of our eight episodes explores numerous facets of the local culture, from the language to the food to town events such as the patron saint festival. Some scenes are more fictitious than others, but one way or another the entire storyline has been shaped by real life experiences—even Ben’s interactions with his love interest, who happens to be a mannequin head named Erika Martínez.

Like the concept for our series, our teaser videos also tend to be a little offbeat. Rather than delve very far into the show’s plotline, our trailers are primarily intended to introduce the show’s main actors and give the audience a taste of our sense of humor and comedic style. Feel free to check them out at www.pueblotheseries.com and don’t forget to visit our site at the end of May to catch Pueblo’s online premiere. ¡Muchas gracias!

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