How to Renew your NIE for Second-Year Auxiliares

UPDATE, May 24, 2011: Please take the following information with a grain of salt. It seems like Jaén is not accepting renewal applications anymore so it’s very possible that my request will be denied later this summer. Eve posted more information here. We also have articles about Spain’s teaching program and the FBI Certificate.

I am repeating the Auxiliar program for a second year. Can I renew my NIE (Número de Identificación de Extranjeros) while I’m in Spain, or do I have to get a new visa in the United States this summer?

The simple answer is that either option can work. This post will talk about exactly how and what you need to renew your NIE card if you are still in Spain and have received your second year placement. This was unclear to me until recently, so I hope this information can be of help to anyone planning to come back for another year.

Disclaimer: Below I outline the process that worked for me. I currently teach in the province of Jaén and have a 2nd year placement in Cataluña. Everything went smoothly for me last week in the Jaén Foreigner’s Office but I recommend double checking with your own region’s Foreigner’s Office to make sure the requirements listed below are the same.

Steps to renew your NIE:

First of all, you can’t renew until you have your official regional placement letter. (I received mine in the beginning of May.) Once you have that you need to call your region’s Foreigner’s Office (Officina de Extranjeros) to set up an appointment.

At the appointment I was asked for these documents:

  1. My original passport and a copy of my ENTIRE passport (every page!)
  2. My NIE card and a copy of both sides
  3. Confirmation letter that proved I would be an Auxiliar next year and would receive a monthly stipend and health insurance. (These were the papers that I received in the mail from Cataluña. They let me keep the original documents and just took the copies. So make copies of these.)
  4. One photo ID standard size over white background.
  5. The EX_11 form filled out and a copy.
  6. Proof of original letter proving placement for THIS YEAR. (They looked at this, and then let me keep it.)

After the appointment I went to a nearby bank to pay 16.32 euros and then went back to the Foreigner’s Office to deliver the receipt to them that same morning. They said you have a maximum of 8 days to pay the deposit.

They told me the NIE card will arrive to me by mail within the next three months (it will be mailed to my school address in Spain which I listed in section 6 of the EX_11 form). Because I will be leaving Spain by June 1st to spend the summer in the United States, I have asked my school to keep an eye out and send my new NIE card to my home address in the United States.

All in all, it only takes one successful appointment and all the correct paperwork. If I discover any sort of update beyond what’s written here, I will add it to this post.

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12 Responses to How to Renew your NIE for Second-Year Auxiliares

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  2. avatar Meredith says:

    If I’m reading this correctly, for your 2nd year you’re changing regions, right? That’s my situation, but as I understood it, I would have to go to the new region’s office to renew my NIE (which is my only option, since I leave my current region on 2nd June to go to the U.S., without having receiving any letter from my new region).
    Did you go to your current region’s office or the new region’s office?

    Also, did your letter arrive to your home in the U.S. or to your Spanish address? I have no idea where to expect the letter. My 1st year letter arrived to my U.S. address, but I don’t know where to expect the 2nd year letter from my new region.

    Sorry for the lengthy text…this process is amazingly confusing.

    • avatar Eve Richer says:

      Hi Meredith,

      Unfortunately NIE renewal is a big mess for some of us in Andalucía. I am not sure which region you’re in or where you’re switching to so I can’t be of much help. Long story short, Jaén (my current region) refused to do renewals for anybody. Perhaps if I’d gone all the way to Catalunya (my new region) I might have had more luck, but Catalunya told me to do it in Jaén and regardless it’s too late b/c my card expired May 31. Hopefully your card lasts longer.

      As for the letter, my 2nd year placement letter came to my school in Spain (and later I got it in my email). So Catalunya sent it from there to Jaén. Every region has their own system though.

      Good luck with everything!

    • avatar JMV26 says:

      Exactly they have to go to renew to the new region. And as I told in the other post about renewing the TIE:

      “First of all I want to know when your TIE Card expire. It supposed that if your card expires on september or october. Taking in account that date you have to make your appointment 1 month before it expires. You have to make your appointment in Cataluña. They will never give you an appointment before that date of expiration so you can go to USA and return to Spain and they will never know that you were out of Spain in that time. I think the problem comes because you make an appointment to early(in the case that the TIE expire in sept/oct).

      ***That was my experience because I was studying in Spain in 2007/2008 and that was the renew process in Madrid. Now I am going to be at Madrid as an Auxiliar, but obviously I need the visa because I am in USA right now.”

  3. avatar Joelle says:

    Did you have to get a certificate of empadronamiento?? They told me I need to have some sort of proof of an address.

  4. avatar Joelle says:

    Oh also…where did you find the model ex 11 form?? I went to the website and it’s not there.

  5. avatar Ahmed says:

    How can I reserve an appointment (Cita Previa) for renewing my NIE

    • avatar Eve Richer says:

      Hi Ahmed,
      It really depends on your region. For Jaén there is a phone number you call to set up your appointment. They’ll ask for your NIE number. I think there are other regions that let you set up a cita previa online. I suggest you look up the web site or phone number for the Oficina de Extranjeros in your region.

  6. avatar Victoria says:


    I will called to make my NIE renewal in Madrid and they gave me the appointment for November 18. The problem is that my NIE expires on September 14th BUT I’ll be getting to Madrid on September 23, a week after it expires. Will I have any problems getting back into the country with the expired NIE if I show them the “justificante”? I don’t know what to do at this point….

    • avatar Eve Richer says:

      Hi Victoria, I think you might be okay but I’m not sure. In Jaén our situation was very different because our NIEs expired May 31 and they refused renewals for everyone. Hopefully someone else can chime in and help or you could call the Madrid office.

    • avatar Ben Raznick says:

      Hmm, September 23rd is an interesting date for the NIE to expire. I also don’t think entering the country will be a problem. However, from my understanding, (atleast in Jaén), the renewal of NIEs had to take place before they expired, so please keep us updated when you go through the process because I think a lot of people are curious what the official rules are.

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