Biography of Gerald Phelony

Gerald Phelony is featured in the opening scene of Pueblo. He appears in a cameo role as Phillip Raznick, Ben Raznick’s father.

Gerald is a veteran actor. He has appeared in many supporting roles at Dinner Theaters in Washington State and Oregon. Gerald is best remembered for his interpretation of a matzah ball in Fiddler on the Roof.

When approached to perform in Pueblo, Gerald had been out of acting for five years. Producers of Pueblo located him working security at the In and Out Burger in downtown Olympia, Washington.

Gerald made his disappointment known when he received a brightly colored pair of socks for his participation in the Pueblo project.

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2 Responses to Biography of Gerald Phelony

  1. avatar Ryan says:

    Gerald was great, that scene was quite gracioso. On of the best parts of this post is that now I know there is in-n-out in Washington! No way?! Are you guys from WA state?

    • avatar Ben Raznick says:

      I will pass this good news on to Gerald! None of us are from WA state, but from the sounds of the bio, Gerald has spent many interesting years there.

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