Music of Pueblo

The entire process of finding and deciding which music to use in Pueblo was one of my favorite parts of the project. We were lucky enough to get permission to use original compositions from many incredible musicians. Below is information about the contributing artists and at the end of the blog post there is a complete list of which songs were used in each episode.

El Niño del Parking

Eve discovered this flamenco fusion group through the works of the internet. After corresponding with them through their Facebook fan page, Oscar, the head musician, was more than happy to be a part of the project. The group is based in the town of Jerez, in Andalucía, southern Spain. Check out their music on Myspace.

The Pinker Tones

A friend of mine in La Puerta de Segura played me songs from The Pinker Tones and I was instantly hooked. The Pinker Tones are a hip alternative pop group from Barcelona, comprised of two guys by the names of Mister Furia and Professor Monso. We contacted them through their website and we were ecstatic that they were interested in our project!

Manuel Kohan

Manuel is a good friend of mine from Buenos Aires. When I moved there in 2009 I happened to find a place listed on Craigslist that had a piano. I’ve played the piano since I was 10, so I jumped on the opportunity to move in. It happened that I would be living with an extraordinary guitarist who would become a very influential musician in my life. We had jam sessions daily and super “buena onda” or “good vibes” as they say in Argentina. By the end of my time in Argentina, I had studied tango and folklore on the piano with a variety of amazing piano professors. I decided to record my first professional CD and Manuel volunteered to play in 4 of the tracks. When Eve and I began creating this web series I immediately knew we would have to include Manuel’s music somehow, and we happened to find a snippit in one of his songs “Último puerto” that would work perfect as our theme. Manuel’s first professional CD is in the making, and I look forward to the day that I can return to Buenos Aires so we can jam out again like old times!

Banda Municipal de La Puerta de Segura

La Puerta's local town bandThis local orchestra in La Puerta de Segura plays in all public holidays and events. While Eve recorded the visuals of San Blas and Carnival, I had our ZoomH4n recording the entire length of the band’s music, which we ended up using for both the San Blas and Carnival montages. (All props to Eve, genius editing!)

Complete list of Episodes and Music:

Episode 1
Pueblo Theme:
“Último puerto”
Manuel Kohan

“Sin truco sin maña”
El niño del parking

“Báilame por tangos”
El niño del parking

Episode 2
The Pinker Tones

“Este mar”
El niño del parking

Episode 3
“Travel Club”
The Pinker Tones

“Sonido Total”
The Pinker Tones

Episode 4
“El tonto enamorao”
El niño del parking

Episode 5
El niño del parking

Episode 6
“Con te partirò”
Music by Francisco Sartori
Lyrics by Lucio Quarantotto
Performed by Andrea Bocelli & Sarah Brightman.

“No te vayas de navarra”
Ignacio Román y Rafael Jaén
Banda Municipal de La Puerta de Segura

Episode 7
“Me gusta mi novio”
María Figueroa
Banda Municipal de La Puerta de Segura

“Viva la juventud”
The Pinker Tones

Episode 8
“Fly Me To Brazil”
The Pinker Tones

“Te quiero yo”
El niño del parking

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  1. avatar Matt Laemmli says:

    What’s the best way to get ahold of some music by El nino del parking? I was hooked the first time I heard them on the series.

  2. avatar Christoph King says:

    Hey! Check out some Pinker Tones tracks and stay up to date becoming a fan on facebook,, or through their website,

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