Quick Video Tour of a Spanish Olive Oil Factory

The olive oil industry is so integral to Jaén’s economy that we wanted to be sure Pueblo provides at least some insight into the role it plays in the lifestyle of La Puerta de Segura. Thanks to our friend Pedro, we were able to film both in the olive fields and at a professional olive oil tasting session (see episode 6).

Once the harvesting season was over, Pedro and his colleagues also took us on a factory tour to explain the process of how olives get turned into oil and then bottled and sold. The scene didn’t make it into the final cut of the show but it’s embedded above for anyone who wants to learn a little more about the making of this “liquid gold.” The video is unsubtitled and mostly in Spanish, so if you’re working on your español skills it will be a good test of comprehension.

Now that I’m back in the States I am seriously missing La Puerta olive oil. Luckily I have some stashed with friends back in Spain, waiting for me when I return in the fall!

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