Pueblo Joins the SFN Web Series Network

We are excited to announce that Pueblo is now a featured web series on the St. John-Fisher Entertainment Network, a site showcasing original web content. The press release is pasted below for more info.

Romantic Comedy ‘Pueblo’ Joins Web Series Network The SFN

Web Network The SFN (St. John-Fisher Entertainment Network – http://www.stjohn-fisher.com) has announced today the arrival of Pueblo to its original programming block. The charming romantic comedy is a blend of documentary and fiction, revolving around an English teacher’s adventures in a small farming village in Spain.

Created by friends Eve Richer and Ben Raznick while working as English teachers in La Puerta de Segura, the web series is the first of its kind to be entirely produced in the region using local talent and production crew.

Ben Raznick plays fish-out-of-water Ben, an American English teacher who arrives in Spain to teach English in the schools and soon develops a relationship with a local beauty named Erika Martinez who happens to be played by… a mannequin head. The fact that she’s a mannequin head is never acknowledged throughout the series, which only adds to its quirky charm and unique storytelling.

“Pueblo is a captivating, charming series that instantly grabs you and makes you smile,” says Todd Fisher, co-founder of The SFN. “We knew it was a perfect fit for our network the moment we watched the first episode. It’s wildly imaginative.”

The eight-episode web series is also a love letter to the town and its inhabitants, giving us a rare glimpse into the lives and landscapes of a world most people will never get to experience.

“You’ll find yourself falling in love not only with American Ben,” says Fisher of Pueblo, “But with all of La Puerta de Segura.”

Watch Pueblo on The SFN: http://www.stjohn-fisher.com/pueblo/

The SFN is establishing itself as web worth watching, an online destination showcasing some of the best, most high prodile content available to online audiences. PUEBLO joins a growing list of exciting web series including comedy HOMESCHOOLED. sci-fi web series AIDAN 5, web soap DEVANITY, comedy series FUMBLING THROUGH THE PIECES, and the SFN’s original content soap CALIFORNIA HEAVEN.

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