Celebrity Scoop 1

What’s the 4111 on Spain’s sexiest superstar?
Qué pasa con la super estrella más sexy de España?

Stay tuned2 Erika fans–you don’t wanna miss this.
Estad atentos fans de Erikano os perdáis esto.

“Celebrity Scoop”
“Cotilleos”3: La Nueva Princesa del Pueblo”4

On this episode we head to northern Spain to get a behind-the-scenes look at the International Film Festival of San Sebastián.
En este episodio vamos al norte de España para una panorámica de las escenas no vistas en el Festival de Cine en San Sebastián.

This year the festival attracted several high profile celebrities, including a very special appearance by Erika Martí­nez.
Este año el festival atrajo varias celebridades incluyendo la participación especial de Erika Martínez.

This model-turned-actress had been selected to win a lifetime achievement award, but withdrew her candidacy upon arrival in order to give longtime friend Julia Roberts a chance in the spotlight.
Ella habí­a sido seleccionada para un premio honorí­fico pero lo cedió a su amiga Julia Roberts para darle su momento de celebridad.

Astounded by her beauty and modesty, Erika’s fans applauded her in the streets.
Fascinados por su belleza y modestia, los fans de Erika le aplaudieron en la calle.

We prefer Erika over Julia.
Preferimos a ella.

It’s awesome to see her up close.5
Es más maja. Se ha acercado más a nosotras.

What do you think, Erika?
Qué piensas6 Erika?

She’s speechless!
¡Se ha quedado sin palabras!

Speechless, perhaps. Or maybe she’s tounge-tied in the presence of teen heart throb Ben Raznick.
Se ha quedado sin palabras ante el ladrón de corazones, Ben Raznick.

The musical pop star recently cancelled his fall tour with Justin Bieber in order to begin production on a much-anticipated web series with Erika.
Esta estrella del pop canceló su gira con Justin Bieber para hacer una nueva serie web con Erika.

The two were inseparable throughout the festival and rumors are flying7 about a potential romance.
Fueron inseperables durante el festival y hay muchos rumores sobre un posible romance.

“She’s a model so she has to tan. Sometimes she comes as a mermaid. Sometimes she comes as… not a mermaid.”
Es una modelo así que tiene que tomar sol. A veces es una sirena… A veces… no lo es.

Has this American hottie8 found himself a Latin lover? In an exclusive interview, we bring you the Celebrity Scoop.
Puede ser que este galán americano haya encontrado un amor latino? En una entreviesta exclusiva, os traemos el cotilleo.

I was going to go on tour with Justin, but last-minute this opportunity came up to film this web-series in Southern Spain and I could not resist.
Iba a hacer la gira con Justin pero en el ultimo momento surgió esta oportunidad para grabar esta serie en España y no me pude resistir.

Erika begged me, she literally begged me to be a part of it and I could not say no to her.
Erika me rogó para participar y no pude decirle que no.

So I said, Sorry Justin, I have to do this. It’s a once in a lifetime opportunity, and if I let this go then I will regret it my whole life.
Le dije, Lo siento Justin pero tengo que hacerlo. Es una oportunidad única y si dejo que pase, voy a arrepentirme siempre.

The web-series we be called Pueblo. It’s gonna9 take place in a pueblo, a small town, in Southern Spain here in Andalucí­a.
La serie se llamará Pueblo. Tiene lugar en un pueblo aquí en Andalucía.

And I can’t give too many details, but we are in the production phase right now and it is just a ball.10
No puedo revelar muchas detalles pero estamos en la fase de producción y lo estamos pasando genial.

Plus, it is such a pleasure to work with Erika. She is so professional and she even does all her own stunts.
Además, es un placer trabajar con Erika. Es muy professional y lo hace todo sin especialistas ni dobles.

Sounds like things are getting wild on and off set.
Parece que hay mucha acción delante y detrás de la cámara.

Thanks for watching, and be sure to check out Pueblo on the web for more information.
Gracias por vuestra atención y visitad la página web de Pueblo para más información.

  1. “411” is slang for “information.” In the United States, if you dial 411 on the telephone, you are connected with a directory assistance line.
  2. “Stay tuned” means “don’t go away” or “keep watching.” It’s a common expression used on television and radio, where one would “tune in” for a program.
  3. Cotilleo” is slang for “gossip.”
  4. “La Princesa del Pueblo” (Town Princess) is the nickname of a Spanish television star named Belén Esteban. This small-town girl rose to fame when she started dating a famous bullfighter named Jesulín de Ubrique. She continues to attract massive media attention following their scandalous breakup.
  5. We took creative liberties when translating this sentence. “Maja” is a slang term used in northern Spain to mean “sympática” (nice). The phrase literally translates to “She (Erika) is nicer. She came closer to us.” The girl is referring to the fact that Julia Roberts quickly passed by on the red carpet, while Erika was nice enough to approach them.
  6. Ben literally says: “Que pensás Erika?” He uses the Argentine “vos” form instead of the Spanish “tu” form. (They mean the same thing.) Every Spanish-speaking country has different vocabulary and sometimes different verb forms, which can lead to confusing word jumbles. Can you guess where Ben spent the past two years before moving to Spain?
  7. “Rumors are flying” would literally translate as “rumores están volando.”
  8. Hottie comes from “hot” (caliente). Hottie is a common slang term used to describe someone sexy and attractive.
  9. “Gonna” is a conversational way to say “going to.” It is very common in everyday speech but is considered very informal in written English.
  10. “To have a ball” is an expression that means “to have a good time.” Literally, “to have a ball” means “to host an elegant party.”