Episode 1

On a sleepy afternoon in rural Spain, Ben arrives in a small pueblo to start his new job as a high school English teacher. Though the language barrier proves to be a challenge, he does his best to chat with locals and get settled into his new home.

Check out the episode 1 transcript or watch episode 2.

6 Responses to Episode 1

  1. avatar TONI says:

    Soy de La puerta de segura y vivo en jaén. Me parece muy interesante y divertido lo que estas haciendo. Animo y saludos

    • avatar Ben Raznick says:

      Gracias Toni!
      En mayo vamos a tener una fiesta en el Trujal para estrenar los episodios, te avisamos!

  2. avatar Paul says:

    Oi amigos, tudo bem?

    I would like to know when Episode 1 comes out. This release is causing me a hefty amount of anxiety since I do not know exactly when it will be released.

    As I eat this bowl of cereal in front of me, I am imagining all of the pratfalls and gags that will take place with Joao, Erika, & Evita in Episode 1, and it is getting me buzzed more than 2 or 3 shots of tequila (but not quite up to 4 shots of tequila).

    Do they have Burger King in Spain? I ate Burger King here yesterday and it was good. As a post-bar food, I would rank it up there with the Ians’ and McDonalds’ of the world.

    Let me know!



    • avatar Ben Raznick says:

      Too bad you didn’t make a trip out to olive land for a special cameo! We could’ve really used some Cheri Oteri “Morning Latte” humor on our set… “How hot is it in here?” – “Unbearable!”
      Please watch that sketch as you sip down a local caipirinha… (or Morning Latte… as it were)

  3. avatar Tom says:

    Maybe the most dramatic and visually stunning work by any new director.

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