Episode 3

Ben develops a rapport with the teachers and students at the high school. He struggles while trying out for the local soccer team but his spirits lift when he sees a familiar face in the bleachers.

Check out the episode 3 transcript or watch episode 4.

11 Responses to Episode 3

  1. avatar Ryan says:

    Hahaha awesome epidode! First thing I do on Thursdays is wake up and check for the new ones. Ben passing the notes is hilarious!

    • avatar Ben Raznick says:

      Awesome! Yeah, filming in the school was fun. We actually took that French class, so true story! Glad you enjoy it, and keep the feedback coming. It’s great to hear.

  2. avatar nikki says:

    Hilarious! Love it. Can’t wait for more!

  3. avatar Stefanie Lowe (from Canada) says:

    This is hilarious you guys! I’m so glad I got to meet you in Spain (Seville) and that you send me these videos. I’m greatly enjoying them.
    The passing notes bit and soccer tryouts were priceless.
    Keep ’em coming!

    • avatar Ben Raznick says:

      Hey Stefanie,
      I’m glad you like it!
      The kids in the soccer try outs were all from the elementary school of the town, cute kids.

  4. avatar Dani says:

    I´m really glad you can value Colacao as it well deserves! You definitely need to include “torreznos” (Spanish snack made out of pig skin!) in forthcoming episodes. And maybe you can check out peak time in La Bolea in Orcera as a funny location for deeply romantic scenes with Erika.

    Looking forward to see your next creations

    • avatar Ben Raznick says:

      Hey Dani,
      Man, torreznos, those were definitely a unique tapa! We didn’t get to know Orcera too well, but now I’m curious about La Bolea… what is it?

      Glad you liked it, and stay tuned, more to come!

  5. avatar Julio Rodriguez says:

    Hey Ben,
    These videos are great!
    I think this is a great idea and might even consider doing something similar in the year to come. I’ll be in Galicia.
    P.S. I’m currently 1hr away from San Francisco.

    • avatar Ben Raznick says:

      Hey Julio –
      Yeah, if you do some sort of project be sure to send it our way! I’d love to see it.
      A behind-the-scenes secret is that I’m actually not from San Francisco, but Eve is!
      Good luck in Galicia!

  6. avatar Marle says:

    Bemjamón: talk with Erika in French!! 🙂 hahahaha

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