Episode 4

Ben’s upstairs neighbor shares some traditional Spanish food, adopting him as her American son. Erika helps Ben train for soccer and as they spend more time together their relationship hits a whole new level.

Check out the episode 4 transcript or watch episode 5.

9 Responses to Episode 4

  1. avatar Tom says:

    Pueblo Episodio cuatro estaba tan caliente que va a ser prohibido en los Estados Unidos. Estos artistas son la próxima generación de la talla de Pedro Almodóvar.

    Thanks Google Translate!!!!

  2. avatar kush says:

    This is the best one so far!

  3. avatar Erika says:

    Is Erika a common name in Spain?

    Also, I’m happy to see Ben’s and Erika’s relationship flourish. I can’t wait to see what will happen when Ben has to go back to San Francisco!

  4. avatar Marini Castillo says:

    These episodes are great..This is my favorite episode so far! So excited to go to Extremadura in the fall!

    Erika’s a great catch lol

  5. avatar Christine says:

    ja ja ja…Ahh me encanto! I can’t wait until next Thursday.

  6. avatar Marle says:

    Great episode! I loved the child and “churros & chocolate” 🙂 and also the bath scene, só calliente!!! hahahahah

  7. avatar Rocio Yvette Avila says:

    I love these videos.

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