Episode 7

Ben becomes the target of small town gossip when the butcher questions him on rumors about his summer plans with Erika. He gets dressed up in costume for the town’s Carnival festivities.

Check out the episode 7 transcript or watch episode 8.

5 Responses to Episode 7

  1. avatar Marle says:

    Is incredible how you got the people of this town involved!!!!

    I loved Erika with colar! But I think she has body dissatisfaction problems (eating disorder?)

    • avatar Eve Richer says:

      Maybe a rare case of body dysmorphic disorder for a head that doesn’t have a body? She’ll have to meet with your team of specialists!

  2. Actually I don’t think Erica has a problem, but Ben does. He has way too much going on below his head whereas Erica is fine in that respect. But it would be nice if she had a wheelchair that she can control with her teeth. Cuzzin Adrienne

  3. avatar Megan says:

    Oh,.. my,.. my heart sank when I saw the incident. I do hope Erika got right up and tried the yoga position again (to reduce the emotional impact).

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