Episode 8

In the series finale Ben must say his goodbyes and get ready for the summer. But who will he spend it with: Erika or Eva?

Check out the episode 8 transcript.

22 Responses to Episode 8

  1. Matt Laemmli Matt Laemmli says:

    Great ending! It’s been really awesome for me to get a small taste of my life for this next year. Thanks guys!

    • evericher Eve Richer says:

      Thanks Matt! Best of luck with everything in La Puerta de Segura and feel free to write us anytime with questions, stories, etc. Keep in touch!

  2. Ryan Andrews Ryan Andrews says:

    Thursday mornings won’t be the same…And Matt said it best concerning the following year.

    Thanks guys

    • evericher Eve Richer says:

      Aww, thanks Ryan! I’m so glad Pueblo could liven up your Thursdays. Have a great next year as well!

  3. Loved it! Especially Erica’s brother. Maybe he could have a bigger role in the next series.

  4. Marle Marle says:

    Gran finalle! Loved it! (specially Ben´s luggage and Erika´s tears). Wait news from Castelldefels guys!!

  5. Christine Christine says:

    Great finale..so bittersweet, Thursday mornings won’t be the same.

  6. Glenn Glenn says:

    Hey guys, hope all is well. I just wanted to know, what’s that song or music that’s playing while his eyes are closed while thinking about spending the summer with eva?

  7. Juan de Avila Juan de Avila says:

    Maravilloso trabajo. Tuve la suerte de disfrutar del extreno en el Trujal y me quedé impresionado. Que gran trío para un magnífico trabajo, Ben, Eva y Erika, por supuesto. Espero poder seguir disfrutando de lo que hagan en un futuro. Un saludo y la Sierra de Segura tardará mucho en olvidar todo lo que habéis hecho por ella.

  8. Marisa Marisa says:

    This makes me so happy! I just discovered this and watched all the episodes. Thanks for some great entertainment in the midst of a hectic semester. It makes me so excited for what I will hopefully be experiencing next year!

  9. Dan Catalan Dan Catalan says:

    This series was great. I’ve applied to be an auxiliar in andalucia next year and watching this has validated the spiritual benefits of participating in the program. Also your personal life is da bomb, I want to make friends like yours and get adopted by wise Spanish mothers.

    • benraznick Ben Raznick says:

      Thanks Dan. Yeah, don’t miss it. Having a Spanish mother is amazing! And the food is always good.

  10. Rocio Yvette Avila Rocio Yvette Avila says:

    Great ending!

  11. jesus jesus says:

    Me he enamorao!!!! jajajaja